Google+ Girls Game with Color: February 2014

Monday, February 10, 2014

Golden Oldie Thursday; Week Five! - Green

Happy Friday Gamer Girls!

I'm still feeling pretty under the weather, so I haven't been able to get much done today *edited to add: This whole weekend.  I didn't realize this post never went live on Friday whoops!  SO now that it's Monday, I'm still honestly feeling pretty awful... I hate getting sick!*  I've basically been sitting miserably in front of my computer in warm PJ's messing around with The Elder Scrolls Online beta test.  (Which is super fabulous let me just tell you.  The NDA is still active, so I can't actually *talk* about it yet, but I will say I will happily be throwing my money at it in April.)

Today I'm sharing with you all yesterday's last week's installment of my Golden Oldie's Thursday post, featuring Green as the theme this week!

Lets get to it, click the read more button to see what I did!

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Tri-Polish Challenge Week #5 - Brown, Pink, and Grey

Evening Gamer Girls!

Yuck, so does anyone else ever get sick right after a whole lot of stress happens?  I sure do, and boy did I get hit hard last night with something!  I've been trying to recover today, but I'm only slightly better this evening so far.

Posts must go on to the best of my ability though!

Today is the first Tri-Polish Challenge post for February, so that means a new color group!  I'm pretty excited about this trio of colors, because it's actually one of my personal favorite mixtures, Brown, Pink and Grey.

So let's get to it, click the read more button to get going!

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Tri-Polish Challenge Week #4 - Red, Orange, and Yellow

A second challenge post in one day! Say it isn't so!

In my attempt to get caught up, I'm sharing my late challenge post entries.

This time it's my Tri-Polish Challenge for week 4! (Which should have gone up on 1/28/2014)
I'm kind of sad that this was my last Red, Orange, and Yellow post as I really love how these colors play together.  I think you can come up with such great combinations!

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Golden Oldie Thursday; Week Four! - Dots

What a crazy whirlwind week it's been for this Gamer Girl, and honestly I am happy that it's almost over!

I had a big, stressful job interview first which entailed me getting prepared for it, I had a pretty dramatic hair change (I'm pretty sure it was about 8 inches that I lost!), 3 midterms and 2 quizzes for University, cleaning and redoing our storage here in the house, hosting a small Super Bowl party, and now waiting in stressed agony for the phone call back about the interview.

So anyway on to nail polish!  I've been so exhausted I haven't posted anything, I'm sorry about that.

So here is my Golden Oldies Thursday post that should have gone up on 1/30/2014!

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