Google+ Girls Game with Color: The Nail Polish Stash

The Nail Polish Stash

The Girl's Game with Color Collection

I use a few different organizational methods for my collection of nail polish. ^_^;; I think some of this is because of the accountant in me lol!

1) I do keep the above running Excel spreadsheet.  I keep a copy of it on my phone so that way I can remind myself while I'm out and about if I have a certain polish or not ^_^;;

2) Currently, my collection is being stored in 2 Melmers.  ^_^ They are not actually called Melmers, but in the nail polish community they have picked up this nickname.  I picked mine up at my local Michael's craft store, from a brand named Recollections.  They are actually scrap book paper storage units! I love mine to pieces and can't wait to add two more to my desk!  I'm pretty sure each unit can fit about 300 bottles of polish.  As a personal preference I like to keep mine sorted by brand, then in alphabetic order.
My two Melmers! They fit perfectly stacked like that under my desk. 
An example of my Essie/L'oreal drawer
An example of my China Glaze/Nicole by OPI/OPI drawer 
3)  I also like to keep a record of what colors look like by keeping swatching sticks organized by color group.  I think at the moment I have a little over half my collection swatched in this way.

And finally I'll share a picture of my current, cluttered, work space. ^_^;;

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