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Monday, July 13, 2015

Loot Crate - June 2015 Cyber - Review

Is it really Monday already?!

I hope all the Gamer Girls out there had a great weekend, mine was pretty jam pack! On Saturday Mr GGWC and I went out to our local figures and collectibles show and picked up my new DC Bombshells Statue, then we went to a far away comic book store we very rarely visit to check things out and pick up a few graphic novels to read. On Sunday we made a quick trip to Home Depot to pick up some things to fix a leaky toilet in the house and to replace some bulbs in the kitchen.  On a whim we also upgraded the lighting in our office to LEDs with a dimmer switch!  Mr GGWC rewired the wall switch, and what a difference it makes in there, I'm so happy with the change it made!

So anyway, on to today, I have the June Loot Crate to share with you all!

This is my first month as a regular subscriber, so I was really excited to get this one in the mail.

Just in case you haven't heard about it, Loot Crate is a monthly subscription box for geeks and gamers. Each month they include everything from collectibles, to stickers, and sometimes there’s even a t-shirt.

Click the read more button to see how this box turned out!

I'm already happy to see some Terminator items peaking out!

I am not one to read or seek out spoilers, I love being surprised... however, if you are into that sort of thing, Loot Crate does issue spoilers right before the boxes go out.

And here is all the loot spread out.  Look how packed this box was!
I should mention here that I did purchase this box myself.
Subscriptions vary in price from $13.95 a month if you pick the month to month billing option  all the way down to $11.95 a month if you pick the full year plan.  No matter which plan you select there is an additional $6 shipping.

Every month includes a copy of the Loot Crate Magazine, this month’s theme is Cyber!

At the back of the mini mag they have the items included listed out.  Great for identifying those more obscure items!

Exclusive! Nerd HQ Sticker Sheet - $2?Future Replicant Corporate Logo Patch (A-B Emblem) – $2-3?Exclusive! Loot Crate Pin June – Promo
First up are the smaller items, a sticker sheet from Nerd HQ for an event in July.  How timely to get the box out and in our hands right before this event! And, it’s a pretty cool tie-in with the interview in the mini-mag with founder Zachary Levi.  I think these are pretty cute and will stick them with my other stickers, on my sewing machine.
The patch is interesting, it is not listed as being an exclusive, however I looked into the company A-B Emblem and they only do batch custom orders.  Anyway, that being said this is a pretty neat well-made patch from the movie Blade Runner.  Mr GGWC loves patches and I know he’ll be happy to see this one in the box!
The pin is different every month, I love pins so this is a welcome thing to collect every month!

Exclusive! Borderlands Zer0 Game Mat (Loot Crate Labs) – $10?
I am a big PC gamer, so opening up the crate and seeing one of these large size 10”x12” pads was a very welcome site!  I love these larger style mats, and they are great for a ton of things.  Gamers of course will love the larger space, I have graphic artist friends who love the size, and even me in my working life using Excel all day reach for these.  You can also use these as card game play mats, or for dice rolling mats.
It’s a pretty high quality as well, even thicker than my current 10”x12” mat made by a large gaming paraphernalia company.  The colors are bright and the printing is sharp.
If you guys can’t tell already, I love that they included this and it will be used!

Exclusive! Glow-in-the-dark Circuit Gadget Pouch - $2?
I picked this up out of the box and thought at first that they had just cleverly embossed the circuits to make them slightly raised, but no! That’s Glow-In-The-Dark pigment!
The glow is pretty strong after you charge it up under a lamp, but I still couldn’t get my camera to pick it up.
It’s a nicely made vinyl bag, nothing really exceptional but it’s not cheap feeling either.
I think this pouch is really cute and useful, I’ll be using this for my pens and pencils on my desk at home.

Exclusive! Prime T-Shirt (djkopet designs) - $11? 
I thought for sure with the previews that the T-Shirt this month would be Terminator and maybe Predator or Aliens mashed up, but no! We get Transformers and Tron!  I’m digging the design, and am now slightly jealous that I decided to get Mr GGWC's size and not my own.
The shirt is made out of a light cotton and feels very soft and comfortable plus the printing is really nicely done.  I’m guessing already that Mr GGWC will like it as much as I do!

Battlestar Galactica Cylon Target Poster Set (Quantum Mechanix) – $9.99
The envelope held 2 of these posters, I think Mr GGWC and I will have to follow the suggestion in the mini-mag and do some target practice with our Nerf Guns at some point with these!  We loved Battlestar Galactica and these are really cool, the only complain I have is that they don’t have the corners removed!

Exclusive! Terminator Genisys Brain Chip Keychain (Chronicle Collectibles) - $12?
This is a very sturdy, very heavy keychain! The company that makes it, Chronicle Collectibles, is better known for expensive statues and not keychains.  I think this is a fantastic item to include in Cyber month! The chip that powers a Terminator? Yes!
Now admittedly, this is heavy keychain.. I weighed it at 1.4oz on my scale here at home.  I won’t be using this on my keys, but I will be using it to help me not lose my Keycode Generators for online video games that I keep on my desk!

Exclusive! Terminator Genisys Endo Skull Replica (Chronicle Collectibles) - $12?
On to the clear star of our box, this really amazing ½ scale skull!  We are huge into figure collection at this house, and this guy is really right up our ally.

The size is pretty impressive, and the paint job looks great.  He’s actually fairly light to pick up, and I think he is a great scale for displaying without being overwhelming.
What really impressed me with this item is that the mini-mag has a bit of background on the production of this piece, and it goes to explain that the eyes and teeth were all hand painted!  How neat is that?

My little skull looks amazing, it’s almost hard to believe these are just light weight vinyl.  As much as I want him, I’m thinking this guy will be moving into Mr GGWC’s work desk very soon.

After all that I decided to look up the instructions and see what the box could be made into this month.
How cool is this little scene?!  It was pretty fast to put together, just cutting the lid off and cutting out the shoulders and neck for my skull to sit on.  A little folding, and boom! Instantly cool way to show off your fun new skull!

Final Thoughts

If it wasn’t obvious, I loved this box this month.  How exciting is it to open a box and find almost all exclusives? The theme was very closely followed as well, which I think adds to the fun.  I think it’s a great value for a $19 box, even if it was hard to determine a value for the items since they are almost all exclusive.  Regardless, I feel like I more than got my $19 value!

What do you think of the June Loot Crate?

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