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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

FanMail - June 2015 Legends & Lore - Review

Happy Wednesday Gamer Girls!  Long time no blog, I know I know!  I actually finally completed my Bachelors of Arts this past month, so finally my time is freed up a little bit again.  I've taken a few weeks off from writing anything, after having done so much with school.  The past year was pretty creatively draining, and I'm looking forward to finally getting back to things I want to do for fun!

I have something really special today and I'm super excited to share it with you all today!  This is a brand new subscription box called FanMail 

FanMail is a monthly subscription box designed for lady geeks (by lady geeks!), which means that each box is filled with amazing products from the fandoms you love!

This is the first shipment for FanMail so let’s get right to it!

Click the read more button to see how this box turned out!

This isn't a cheap box, at $21.99 a month plus shipping.  For me in Southern California this shipping works out to $9.01, so this box is a pretty expensive $31 shipped.  From it's website it promises a value of $50.

From their website this is what the box promises: “contain a variety of memorabilia and collectibles, some old, some new, some handmade, some fanmade. Among the items you may find are exclusive comics and t-shirts, jewelry, stationery, books, autographs, photos and much more.”

FanMail says that they will include one of these post cards every month.  It’s nicely made and includes pictures of all the products included in the box.  Right off, one of my minor complaints is that it doesn’t list the makers for most of the products.  It’s especially important for makers to be listed if these products are being sourced from a place like Etsy or any other hand maker.
Aside from that gripe, I do like these post cards!

On the back of the card there is a pretty fun run down of things that are happening this month.  I like this idea, and it helps to promote the idea of being part of a Fandom.  We geeks are a community, and what better way to feel like part of a community than to see and hear about what’s going on?

One minor thing as well as we get into this box, the theme is stated on the website and in initial press releases as being “Fantasy” in hand however the theme is presented as being “Legends & Lore”.  While this is a minor change, it is still a change and I wanted to make sure to point it out.

I  feel like I've been seeing BMK Designs all over the nail community lately.  They’re obviously very popular in the world of Indie Nail Polish.  I’m so glad to have a set now to try out!  The quality seems really nice, and I like that on the back of the card they have included fairly detail instructions as to usage.
I was happy that the first item was really a girly geeky choice, I don’t feel like most of the other geeky boxes would include a nail item for subscribers.

"Once Upon a Time", "The Hobbit", and "Harry Potter" (above) button Pins - $3?

I'm estimating about a $1 a piece on these small buttons.  They seem pretty cute, but I feel like I have to point out that the printing on them is very splotchy.  From a distance it's not too bad, but they do have the appearance of being printed on a subpar printer.

"How to Train Your Dragon" T-Shrt, Created by FanMail - $15?
This is a cute Toothless design, it’s printed on a thick cotton t-shirt.  I like the design, but I would be a lot happier if they offered actually Women’s cuts.  This is a box designed for women, yet they only offer unisex sizing.  I can already pick unisex shirts in my size from other geeky boxes… So I have to admit to being really disappointed by that choice, I was really hoping for something that felt more tailored to me, a geek girl.
I feel really picky, but I was very dissatisfied with this item.  Maybe it's the cut or the fabric choice? It just kinda felt cheap in hand... I'll probably use it as a PJ shirt.
However! After I wrote up this review, I got an email saying that they will be offering Women's cuts next month.  I went through and updated my sizing as soon as I saw the change, so I hope to be happier with the shirt next month!

"Game of Thrones" Purple Wedding Invitation - $2?
I’m basing the value of this on about how much wedding invitations of similar quality go for on Etsy.
This is a cute idea, and a fun memento for big Game of Thrones fans.  It’s made out of a nice thick and textured card stock, and feels just as nice as any wedding invitation I’ve received in the mail.
To be honest, even through Mr GGWC and I are big GoT fans I probably wont end up displaying this, but it's still fun.

I do like this brooch, I think it’s a really nice subtle geeky touch for an outfit.  Most people will see it and probably think it’s just an interesting branchy brooch, but fellow Hobbit super fans will know the truth.  I didn't recognize the symbol myself to be honest, and I'm not 100% sure how many would be able to on first glance.  Regardless, it's still pretty!
It has a nice weight to it, but the pin on the back of mine doesn’t want to stay shut.  I’ll have to play around with it and see if I can get it to stay on.

This is a very strongly scented soap! As soon as I opened the box the whole living room smelt like the scent, which is listed as being Pomegranate.  Personally, I really like the fragrance, but I know plenty of people are not fans of strong scents.

I think the soap is very pretty, and really does look like what I would think a Sorcerer’s Stone would look like! The pictures just don’t really do it justice, this soap is translucent with darker portions suspended within.  It looks like a red quartz in hand, very different.  I’m thinking I might want to go get more colors and put them in my guest bathroom as a decorative piece.

Another thing I really appreciate is that this soap has the full list of ingredients on both the tag, and the soap.  This is so helpful to those with allergies, just in case you need to know before you use it!
Needless to say, this is easily my favorite item this month!

"Legend of Zelda" Necklace - $5?
This is a pretty chunky necklace, and I think geeky girls into Zelda will dig wearing it! You can also easily make this into a keychain if it’s a bit too chunky for your taste.  I know at least I would have preferred just a regular Triforce over the Hylian Crest, but that’s just my taste!

Final Thoughts

This is a nice opening box, though I don’t know if the curation is as strong yet as I would have hoped for.  I was a little unhappy with the theme change as it isn't really what was promised, and it felt like the change might have been made in order to make the choices for this box broader.
I did however really enjoyed getting geeky jewelry and beauty products, and I feel like it's going in the right direction.
Keep in mind, if you’re looking at this box it’s not a cheap, coming in at $31 shipped.  The total value using my rough estimates of this box ends up around $45.  It’s more than I paid for it, but it’s less than the $50 retail value of the box listed in there FAQ.
I’ll try them for a few more months and see where this goes!  What do you think of the June FanMail box?

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