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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Loot Crate - June 2015 Mystery Crate Review!

Over on My Subscription Addiction I recently read that there would be a special Mystery Crate put together for the month of June by Loot Crate!  For $20 you would get a box described as “Inside each Mystery Crate are a minimum of seven items our curators hand-selected from the Loot Crate warehouse of awesomeness.  All crates have a guaranteed retail value of over $40!  Yours for only $20!  (single crate U.S. orders only)”

Well that sounds pretty awesome! And, even though I've plenty of friends that subscribe to Loot Crate, I've never pulled the trigger myself before.  This seemed like a great time to try it out!

So how'd it go...?  Click the read more button to find out!

For those that are unfamiliar with Loot Crate, it is a monthly subscription box that is designed for Geeks, Nerds, and Gamers.  I've seen a ton of fun things in these packages including t-shirts, toys, figures, stickers, books, and the always popular Funko Pops.
This particular crate is a special one however, and not part of the normal monthly pricing.  I paid $20 for this box, with no shipping, and it did have California state taxes which made for a grand total of $21.50.  It shipped really fast, which was unexpected! I placed the order on the evening of 5/31/2015 and it got here on 6/8/2015.

Now lets talk about this box, because I think it's super cute.  It's obvious that people love to share things now with social media, and I really like the fact that Loot Crate sees this and encourages it!

I also loved this hidden Konami code on the bottom of the box.  As an old school Gamer Girl I can't help but get the warm fuzzies when I see it tucked away someplace.  I think this is a really nice neutral Geeky box for a crate with no theme like this.

And here it is, all the loot.  Definitely no theme, but of course I didn't expect one!

Loot Crate 8-Bit Sunglasses - Value $7.99? ( I found a similar pair on ThinkGeek)

These are from the January 2015 "Rewind Crate", and actually they sent a slightly different pair way back in July of 2013.  They are fun (and bright!), I think they look like a pretty cool display item.

Limited Edition Mini 10-Doh! Loot Crate Exclusive - Value $10 - $20?

This little guy also comes from the January 2015 "Rewind Crate".  I like the packaging, it's a fun throw back to the black plastic sleeves that tried in vain to keep dust out of our precious cartridges.  I remembered seeing these little guys at Wonder-Con last year, but I didn't pick any of them up.

It's pretty cute, with a Bunny version of  the original Back to the Future game cartridge.  I love the mini gun con!
I couldn't really pick a value for this one, as normal blind box minis by Squid Kid run for $10 and their own exclusives for $20.

HEXBUG Nano Transformers: Lockdown - Value $7.99

Mega Bloks Halo Drop Pod - Value $3.99

The HEXBUG comes from the June 2014 "Transform Crate".  From my understanding, these little guys are battle toys, in that you put them into arena's with others like them.

The Mega Bloks Halo comes from the November "Battle Crate".  This little drop ship houses a pose-able mini figure of a trooper from Halo, complete with a stand that says Halo on it.

Both of these are cute, but not my interest level... so I'll maybe hang on to them to gift or swap at some point.

Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition Steam code - Value $19.99

Street Fighter Ryu Headband - Value $1?

This card and headband were originally included in the November "Battle Crate".  My fiance loves Street Fighter, and we own this game already for our X-Box 360.  I'm sure however that he'll be very happy to have this on the PC now.  The only problem I have with this download is that when I just search for the game on Steam it no longer shows up, instead only Ultra is available now.  And, you have to upgrade Super Arcade to Ultra, which is listed as $14.99.  I'll have to wait to see if this game still works for when A installs it on his machine.
The headband is cute, but strangely enough we actually already have one from 6 or 7 years ago.  I used to be a store manager for a video game store and we would get items like this to give out as promotional gifts.  This looks identical to the one we have!

Avengers Vanilla Car Air Freshener - Value $1.25? (I found a 2 pack on Hot Topic)
Mega Man Comic Promo Code - Value $7.98 (Based on each issues full MSRP)

On the other side of the Street Fighter card we find this Mega Man offer.  I can't say I'm really excited for this item, but my fiance might enjoy reading them.

The Air Freshener was originally in the December 2014 "Anniversary Crate".  It's cute, and I'll most likely use it, just not in my car.

Major League Gaming Sweatband and Stickers - Value $2 to $3?

Finally, we have this MLG band and sticker sheet, which came in the June 2014 "Transform Crate".  I was really disappointed to see these as some of my "items" as they really feel like just freebie give away promo items.

Verdict: For a $20 box, this had a full MSRP value of $72.  It feels high, but I'll be honest I wasn't really impressed with the box.  Out of my 9 items only 4 felt like "real" Loot.  The other 5 made me think of the swag promo gifts that companies give away for free, and that includes the Street Fighter DL card.  That being said, I still enjoyed getting this box and opening it up.  I can't wait for the regular June box!
Did anyone else get a Mystery Box?  What did you think of the contents?

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