Google+ Girls Game with Color: Tri-Polish Challenge Week #5 - Brown, Pink, and Grey

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Tri-Polish Challenge Week #5 - Brown, Pink, and Grey

Evening Gamer Girls!

Yuck, so does anyone else ever get sick right after a whole lot of stress happens?  I sure do, and boy did I get hit hard last night with something!  I've been trying to recover today, but I'm only slightly better this evening so far.

Posts must go on to the best of my ability though!

Today is the first Tri-Polish Challenge post for February, so that means a new color group!  I'm pretty excited about this trio of colors, because it's actually one of my personal favorite mixtures, Brown, Pink and Grey.

So let's get to it, click the read more button to get going!

The Polish

Tri-Polish Challenge week 5 bottles - light box
This week I decided to go all Essie polish for my Tri-Polish look.  For my pink we have Boom Boom Room from the Summer 2013 collection, Cashmere Bathrobe from the Fall 2013 collection, and Don't Sweater It from the Fall 2012 collection.
Sorry the colors are a little off on my pictures tonight, it's raining and overcast in Southern California right now so I have to use my light box... We, uh, aren't quiet getting along let us just say.

The Look

Tri-Polish Challenge week 5 - light box
I was trying to practice two things with this manicure, 1) Gradients and 2) Stamping.  It was only really ok on both of those attempts.
I started with making a gradient of Boom Boom Room and Don't Sweater It and then stamped over that using the Pueen Love Elements plate #27.  Unfortunately, Cashmere Bathrobe didn't really *pop* as a stamping polish over this gradient.  Even though I'm not crazy about how this looks I felt like my stamping, especially on the last finger I did my middle, is getting a bit better so yay for that!

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  1. I am impressed by how smooth that plate stamps! I thought the laces would end up kinda broken. Now I know I need it!