Google+ Girls Game with Color: Tri-Polish Challenge Week #2 - Red, Orange, and Yellow

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Tri-Polish Challenge Week #2 - Red, Orange, and Yellow

Hey all you Gamer Girls!

So today is going to be a quick fast post explaining the challenge that I am going to be participating in for Tuesdays, The Tri-Polish Challenge!  So this challenge is to use only three colors in a manicure that are given to you.  Approved accent colors can be used, but for the most part is needs to be made up of the colors for the month.  You do 3-4 manicures in that month in the chosen colors, pretty easy right?  This is my second challenge from the Crumpet's Nail Tarts Facebook group and it sounds like fun!

With Red, Orange, and Yellow being the colors for this month I feel like we are starting off with some really great complementary colors.  Unfortunately, I am starting this month off on week number 2, but I plan on going strong though the whole rest of the challenge.

On to some nails!

The Look

For my 1st Tri-Polish look I decided to go with Essie Head Mistress, Sinful Colors Clementine, and Sinful Colors Pull Over.  I love how flame like these colors are, but I wanted to go a different direction than flames...

Tri-Polish Challenge Week 2 - Full Sun
I wanted to try out a subtle gradient look as a back drop and then do bold red stars as the main accent.  Eh, it kinda worked out.  I wish Clementine had shown up a bit better in the gradient, and for some reason my stars are supper sloppy, especially the one on my pinky nail.  That being said, I get to be critical of my own nails right?  Just something to work on!

Now I have to try and decided what I want to do next week! Hmm Hmm Hmm...

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