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Monday, January 13, 2014

Sinful Colors Ahoy There/Sail La Vie - Swatches and Review

Happy Monday Gamer Girls!

Part of my plan on working on this blog is going to be clearing out my hard drive of all the pictures I've taken of swatches that I've just never posted.  I have something like 20gb of pictures I've taken, and probably enough content to post pictures for the next month five days a week.  Unfortunately, that does mean that some of these swatches are going to be rather old as this pictures may have been taken up to a full year ago!

The collection I'll be sharing with you this fine Monday morning will be the Sinful Colors Ahoy There/Sail La Vie collection from Summer of 2013.  It may be a bit late in coming out, but these colors are worth the share!  And, with as often as Sinful Colors re-releases shades in collections some of these might pop up from time to time.

Ahoy There/Sail La Vie

Anchors Away

Anchors Away bottle - Full Sun

Anchors Away is a really gorgeous goldenrod yellow, and for me to call it gorgeous is really saying something.  I normally hate yellows!
I was able to do two easy coats to reach full opacity.  Really, the formula was like butter.  It was a little slow drying, but a nice quick drying topcoat will help with that.  Another nice surprise when I went outside to take pictures was the super hidden shimmer when in direct sunlight.  Probably one of the nicest, and easily my favorite, yellows that I own.

Anchors Away - Full Sun

Cross My Heart

Cross My Heart bottle - Full Sun
Cross My Heat is a pretty bright red jelly.  This is actually the only jelly in the entire collection, but I'm pretty sure this one was a re-promote with might help explain the difference of formula.
I really liked how pretty this color was at one coat, but for my taste it just had too much VNL.  My second coat covered it yet still left that yummy squishy quality that I love.  I really think Jellies are my favorite!

Cross My Heart - Full Sun

Into the Blue

Into The Blue bottle - Full Sun
Into The Blue is a favorite of Sinful Colors it seems like.  For almost all of 2013 this color popped up in almost every display, and you know what?  It really is a great color!  I was very impressed with the formula, smooth very self leveling, and I was able to wear it at one coat!  (As a side note, I apologize for the quality of the picture for this shade.  Unfortunately, as I was walking outside to photograph this color I dropped my digital camera and completely broke it.  This was my first attempt at using my cellphone instead.)

Into The Blue - Full Sun

My Buoyfriend

My Buoyfriend bottle - Full Sun
What is there not to love about the name My Buoyfriend?!?  I'm a sucker for puny names, and this name goes with the theme so well, I'm in love!  A very nice easy formula on this one (starting to get tired of me saying that in this post yet?).  I only used one coat for full coverage!  I love the slightly dusty periwinkle look that this has going for it.  I keep waiting to try this one out in a stamping mani.

My Buoyfriend - Full Sun

New Wave

New Wave bottle - Full Sun
Welcome to the next one coater in this collection, New Wave.  I've been feeling myself drawn to dusky shades lately, and this a really wonderful grayed out blue.  It really makes me think of Seattle for some reason.
We have another great smooth formula that pretty much applied its self.  Also pluses for it, it dried really fast, self leveled, and was very shinny even before top coat.

New Wave - Full Sun

Out of This World

Out Of This World bottle - Full Sun
Out Of This World is the next color in this collection that is a re-promote shade from the core line.  It's sort of a frosty metallic-y silver-ish color.  It's actually rather pretty looking in the bottle but the formal is quiet sheer and frosty.  I ended up having to use four coats for coverage and even though I gave 5-10 minutes to dry each coat I still ended up with a bubbly finish.  If it has anything going in it's favor the finish does help make the bubbles virtually invisible in my pictures. But in person? Still there =/

Out Of This World - Full Sun

Sail La Vie

Sail La Vie bottle - Full Sun
Be still my light blue loving heart!  Sail La Vie is my easy favorite from this collection, with it's beautiful sky blue shade stealing the show for me.  I love a good creme, but this one has a secret!  In the right lighting this polish, much like Anchors Away, has a hidden shimmer.  I know I might be a little crazy but I really feel like shimmer, even hidden like this, makes for a better formula.  Speaking of formula, this one is great.  Two very easy coast to full opacity, and it also dried very fast to a high shine.  Like I say, I adore this one!

Sail La Vie - Full Sun

 Snow Me White

Snow Me White bottle - Full Sun

Snow Me White, a nearly one coat white? Color me impressed!  Like the other cremes in this collection, this one applied really easily for me.  I only needed 2 coats because I had some ridges showing through after the first coat.  Snow Me White is also the last of the re-promotes in this collection, it's part of the permanent display.

Snow Me White - Full Sun

I know this collection has it's fair share of blues, but I absolutely loved them all.  I think this has some great basics in it, and I know that these would be fun to use to make some great nail art.  Over all, this is probably be one of my favorite collections that Sinful Colors has put together.  I would highly recommend all of the cremes in the collection to add to your stash.  The only polish I can't put my seal of approval on is Out Of This World, it just didn't work for me.

Have a great Monday everyone!

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