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Saturday, January 25, 2014

Maybelline Color Show Street Art - Swatches and Reviews

Today I have for all you Gamer Girls a new top coat collection that Maybelline has added to it's permanent line, Street Art!  I know, everyone is coming out with Splatters this year, it's like the new Crackle or the new Texture.  We get something that takes our nail polish world by force every new year, so I'm willing to take the ride.

Maybelline Street Art Collection
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To avoid repeating myself too much, I'll say it up here first.  These are all black matte splatter top coata full of small black and color hex glitter, small color bar glitter, medium black and color hex glitter, and large black and color hex glitter.  The formula across the board was the same, easy to get plenty of glitter on the brush and wasn't too fussy going on the nail.  The bigger pieces can be a bit harder to get out of the bottle, but a whole bunch of fishing isn't need.  Removal is like any matte glitter, so be prepared to pull out your glitter removal strategy of choice.

Blue Beats

Blue Beats bottle - full sun
Blue Beats macro - full sun
Below is one coat of Blue Beats over Sinful Colors Yes Officer.

Blue Beats - full sun

Green Graffiti

Green Graffiti bottle - full sun
Green Graffiti macro - full sun
Below is one coat of Green Graffiti over Sinful Colors Song of Summer.

Green Graffiti - full sun

Nighttime Noise

Nighttime Noise
Nighttime Noise macro - full sun
Below is one coat of Nighttime Noise over Essie In the Cab-ana. 

Nighttime Noise - full sun

Pink Splatter

Pink Splatter bottle - full sun
Pink Splatter macro - full sun
Below is one coat of Pink Splatter over Sinful Colors Pink Forever.  I was actually pretty disappointed in this one, I actually tried this over a few base colors and it just kept reading as a white and black glitter mixture.  I'm a pink lover and was ready to just eat this one up, but it's honestly pretty meh.

Pink Splatter - full sun

Wild at Heart

Wild at Heart bottle - full sun
Wild at Heart macro - full sun
Below is one coat of Wild at Heart over Sinful Colors Tempest.  This mixture is my favorite out of the splatters, I think the red and black mix so well.

Wild at Heart - full sun

Final Thoughts

Overall, I'm really digging this collection.  I think it's a fun easy way to add some spice to a manicure, and I love the variety of sizes in this glitter mix.  I normally am a hater of all bar glitter, but the shorter size of this type of bar glitter is really making me ok with it (though to be perfectly I think I would have preferred they left it out, but to each their own).
These are a great affordable drug store find that adds some edge to normal looks.  Will we be over this splatter trend soon?  To be honest, I think we will be, but time will tell. 

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