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Friday, January 10, 2014

Golden Oldie Thursday; Week One! - Pink

Hello lovely Gamer Girls!

Happy New Year!

So New Year, new resolutions.  One of mine is definitely going to be working on this little piece of the internet.  To help me in easing my way into it I have decided to work on two challenges this month.
^_~ Hows that for "easing into it" Ha!

So for Thursdays we have The Crumpet's Golden Oldie Thursdays.  This is a pretty easy challenge to follow in that all you have to make sure to do is follow the prompt for the day, make sure the polish is at least a year old, and have at!  I like how easy this one should be for me to follow along with, so hopefully this will help me build my confidence.  Sadly, I'm a day late already... but here it is!

I am also trying out a new lighting setup with some of these pictures.  I'm not really sold on it yet, but I know trying to rely on the sunlight was really bring down my nail blogging.  ^_^;; I'll figure this out!

Anyway, on to the nails!

This week the challenge was to use Pink.  I'm in luck, since pink nail polish is right up my ally.  I love pink nails, and when I started getting back into nail polish I picked up a ton of pink.  Unfortunately, I recently threw away several of my oldest pinks because they had gotten so bad I wasn't able to save them with polish thinner or restore agents :(

But! I was able to find 4 polishes that are all well over 1 year old.  I love pinks so much I did two different looks!

Look One!

 For my first look I decided to use one of my all time favorite polishes, Essie's French Affair.  I've had this polish for at least 3 years now and it's still one of my top picks for a pink.
The second color is OPI's La Paz-itively Hot.  This color came originally in Spring of 2002... and I know I didn't buy it then!  I'm fairly certain I picked this one up though in 2009, so this currently is my oldest polish in the GGWC Stash.

GOT Week 1, Pink #1 - Light Box
My dots are a tiny bit sloppy, but I wanted to try something new.  I also decided I wanted to matte it up!

Look Two!

For my second look I went with two of my older Sinful Colors, Fusion Neon and Pinky Glitter.  I've pretty sure these were also bought sometime in 2009.  My bottle of Fusion Neon doesn't even have the SC on the top of the brush!

GOT Week 1, Pink #2 - Natural Sunlight
I loved how cray-cray bright this ended up.  It wasn't turning out in my light box, so I took it outside for a sunlit shot.  I also love how delicate Pinky Glitter looks, it's the perfect translucent pink glitter.

While I loved Pinky Glitter I was quickly reminded why I pretty much have never used my bottle of Fusion Neon.  I think I have to dub that bottle the worst formula of polish I own.  It's cakey, it's thick, it doesn't level at all, and yet for all its thickness it's incredibly streaky.  I know neons tend to have problems, but wow this one is awful.

Bonus Macro Shot!

 If I could paint my office with that shot right there, I think I would.  Mr GGWC would never come into it again, but that's ok I think I could live with it.

As for Girls Game with Color I have some fun ideas in the works for whats to come, so check back soon to see more with Girls Game with Color!

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