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Monday, January 27, 2014

Essie Madison Ave-Hue - Swatches and Reviews

Happy Monday Morning Gamer Girls! I have a ton of stuff to do this morning before I run off to class, I hope everyone else's Monday isn't as rushed as mine is turning out to be!

This morning I have for you swatches and a review for Essie's 2013 Spring collection, Madison Ave-Hue.
This review is coming in a little late, almost a year late, but Essies can normally be found pretty easily after a collection has been out.  And, with this Spring right around the corner maybe you can all find some inspiration for this season!

Essie Madison Ave-Hue collection - full sun
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Avenue Maintain

"Fashionably adroit,
this lovely Parisian blue nail lacquer channels the 
'je ne sais quoi' of the capital of chic." - Essie

Avenue Maintain bottle - full sun
I love blues, and Avenue Maintain had me in love at first sight.  A very pretty mid-tone blue creme with no dusty-ness to it.  I would say this shade is on the cerulean side of blues, which gives it a nice pop of color.  The formula was great, fluid and self leveling.  I used 2 coats below.
Avenue Maintain - full sun

Bond with Whomever

"London's calling.
Pick it up in this posh lilac nail polish and click with the cultured clique
- here, there and everywhere." - Essie

Bond with Whomever bottle - full sun
Bond with Whomever is one of the prettiest lilac purples that I own.  Very pastel and delicate, and the formula is still great! 2 coats shown bellow.

Bond with Whomever - full sun

Go Ginza

"This soft cherry blossom pink invites you
 into a floating world of quiet luxury
and exquisite beauty." - Essie

Go Ginza bottle - full sun
Go Ginza is the biggest disappointment for me out of this collection.  Yes it's pretty, yes the formula was great, yes it was a 2 coat polish on me... but it reads so purple on me.  I was hoping with a color based on cherry blossoms, one of my favorite things, it would be a lot more of a delicate pink.

Go Ginza - full sun


"Sashay down a sandy runway in
poppy-bright red orange nail polish
and show 'em who's the bossa." - Essie

Hip-Anema bottle - full sun
Hip Anema is a very bright orangey-red color that is pretty great for what it is.  Unfortunately, for me it isn't special, just another really nice red by Essie.  Shown bellow with 2 coats.

Hip-Anema - full sun

Madison Ave-Hue

"Chic upper east side pink nail polish steps out in style,
perfectly punctuating any ensemble with quiet luxe. 
Cha-ching."- Essie

(Whoops, I forgot a bottle shot for this one!)
I love the name sake polish for this collection, Madison Ave-hue.  A very bright Barbie pink that goes on the nail so easily.  The special look for this polish is that it has all those pretty silver flakes in it.  Loved it!  Shown with 2 coats bellow.

Maidson Ave-Hue - full sun

Maximilian Strasse-her

"Bavarian style savvy rules this regal boulevard.
With nails of cool grey green,
you're promenade queen, no tiara required." - Essie

Maximilian Strasse-her bottle - full sun
Maximilian Strasse-her is the really unique color out of this collection, a gorgous greyed out green pastel.  Move over blue!  Actually, I think over all this is my favorite color from this collection, it looked so good on, very sophisticated and I think it could be very work appropriate.  As is usual from Essie the formula was great, shown at two coats below.

Maximilian Strasse-her - full sun

Final Thoughts

I love Essie, I rarely have a bad moment with them and Spring of 2013 was a high point.  My picks over all would have to be Maximilian Strasse-her, Avenue Maintain, and Madison Ave-hue.

Have a great rest of your Monday and I'll see you all here tomorrow for the next installment of the Tri-Polish Challenge!

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