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Monday, September 30, 2013

Lucky 13 Lacquer's Softening the Bad Things: Swatches and Review

Hi Gamer Girls.

So… it’s been awhile hasn’t it?
If I still have anyone coming around to check things out, I’m really sorry about the long radio silence.
And I can hear it now, so Callie what the heck happened?

Let me start with what polish I am going to be sharing today to help explain a little... Today’s polish is from the simply amazing Lucky 13 Lacquer and this is the very special Softening the Bad Things.

Lucky 13 Lacquer Softening the Bad Things bottle - Natural Sunlight

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***(To help with this really wordy, and slightly heavy post I am going to mix in my review with lots of pictures.  If you want to skip my wordy personal story just read the captions under the pictures for the review! =D )

I really love this cute little box that the polish came in!

Why this polish? Well first of all it’s gorgeous.  But, that alone is not why I am using this polish as my way to come back to my little blog.  The real reason is that this polish was design to help promote awareness about depression (please, do yourself of reading this pretty amazing post that Kyoti of Lucky 13 Lacquer originally wrote about the polish and project).
And this my Gamers is why it’s the perfect polish to use as a way to help explain my absence.

See, I myself struggle with Depression.  To be more specific, I live with Type II Bipolar Disorder, which is very often is misdiagnosed as Depression.
I won’t get into all of the details of what the differences between the two are, but needless to say they both behave in very similar ways.

Inside the cute little box came my bottle, carefully wrapped in bubble wrap and sealed with a Lucky 13 label, which I sadly ripped by accident :(  I also got one of her super cute business cards.  I am pretty sure mine shows macro shots of Mystery Machine, Mermaid Tail, Femme FaTEAL, and Cynical Cephalopod.

I think no matter what would have happened this summer I was due for a hard spell of depression, but a few things magnified it.  Personal issues with family,  transition into University,  and just plain bad luck all played their own parts in the feelings.  I think the saddest part about this particular bout with depress was that it turned my own small baby, my blog against me.

Showing the top of the bottle and the bottom.  This polish is inspired by Doctor Who episode "Vincent and the Doctor" and more specifically the painting "Vase with 12 Sunflowers".  The inspiration shows in the color of the polish and also in the special labels using a font based on Vincent Van Gogh's own hand writing.  I adore this type of attention to detail!

Let me explain a little bit...

I have been planning on this little slice of blog since February of this year.  It took me long time to finally get up the courage to tell anyone at all about my plans to make this page.  After I worked up to that it took me even longer to actually start writing posts nearly 6 months later.  And I'll be honest with you Gamer Girls, I still haven't told anyone other than BFF Gamer that I have started posting on this site.

Softening the Bad Things - Natural Sunlight
This polish is a soft blue jelly (kinda a crelly) with small copper glitter and large gold hex glitter pieces.

Shortly after I started posting on this site my battle started up.  In addition to the thoughts that plagued me about my normal life, my blog was mixed up in it too.  I worried about every single post I put up.  Was it good enough?  Were my nails cleaned up perfectly?  Did my hands look too old or dry?  Were the pictures ok?  How did my hand position look?
On and on and on I went, picking everything I did apart.  I compared myself to other blogs, even the big name popular ones.

Softening the Bad Things - Natural Sunlight
My bottle is actually from the second batch of STBT, the first batch had different glitter in place of the large gold pieces.  Unfortunately, the first batch had some of the bottles develop a curl to the glitter.  Kyoti fixed that in the second batch and I had no curling what so ever in my bottle.

It all really came to a head in a single week with a unkind exchange with a fellow beauty blogger and then a very thorough snubbing from a PR person that I was just contacting to get information from (the details of both are unimportant and I wont ever say whom these two were, it's not important ^_^ ).  I know it shouldn't have but these two instances really fed my inner demons telling me maybe I shouldn't be doing this, maybe I wasn't good enough.
I was just exhausted.  So I stopped.

Soften the Bad Things - Natural Sunlight
All of my pictures are 2 coats over a ridge filling base coat topped with a coat of Seche Vite. 

But, here is truth of the matter that is hard for people without the cloud of depression to understand.
Sometimes when we are in our darkest place it turns the things that we love the very most against us.
The truth of the matter is that I love this little baby blog, I love the idea of it, flaws and all. I've said it before and I really mean it, nail polish is an antidepresant to me.  I don't want to lose that, and I hope that I don't again.

Softening the Bad Things - Shade
I had no problems with application on this.  It is a bit thicker than most jellies, but remember this is full of glitter.  I didn't have to fish for glitter, and I didn't have to do any placing to get this look.

I have tried to life by the motto, I don't care what you label me as what can I do to help it?  Well this time, what I was doing to help wasn't actually helping and I had to make some changes.
Whew, that was a lot of feels eh?  Well, I will tell you Girls I am feeling much better now and hopefully I have my support system completely worked out now so that it will be much harder to fall that far again.

Soften the Bad Things - Shade
I'm in love with this polish to be honest.  It feels delicate, but it still pops on the hand.  When I wore it out I got a ton of complements and its no wonder.  I had a hard time getting the copper to show up in my pictures, but the copper is a really beautiful contrast to the gold and blue.  The gold glitter isn't exactly sparkly in this look, but I don't think it's meant to be.  For being the first bottle of Lucky 13 Lacquer I've picked up I'm in love.  I couldn't be happier with this one and I really look forward to getting more colors!  At least as of the time of this writing of this post there are still bottles of this left in Lucky 13 Lacquer's store!  If you do like this color don't hesitate to pick up a bottle for yourself, $1 of every purchase is going to NAMI.

In Kyoti's post she includes this wonderful picture in her original post and I love the message of the quote:

Source and made by Accio Lacquer

So how can I end this long post?  Maybe just hugs and lots of love. <3

PS: I know this song isn't necessarily about Bipolar Disorder, but it speaks to me so much of it, how it feels.

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