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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Wet n Wild Pop Art Craze - Swatches and Reviews

Good Afternoon Gamer Girls!

It's been quite the week in the GGWC household.  I've been comparison shopping like crazy for a new laptop for University, which I am starting this fall.  I have to make sure to pick something that will last me through the rest of my Bachelors' degree program and potentially also through my Master's degree! So basically 2-3 years.  I have it narrowed down to a Sony Vaio Ultrabook or a custom build rig from Cyber Power PC.  We shall see, Mr GGWC and I decided to hold off on picking anything out for a few more weeks.
In addition to shopping for my schooling, we also were shopping for Mr GGWC's birthday.  He decided on a badly needed upgrade for his aging gaming PC.  He ended up picking out a full system build from CyberPower PC that comes pre-built from them.  For us this is totally a new idea!  No PC tower in our house has ever been built by someone other than the 2 of us, so I'm thrilled with the idea of not having to deal with that part ourselves!  I'll probably write up my thoughts (and his) when we get it and put it through the paces.

Anyway, enough about PC's lets get on to the polish!

Today I have a new limited edition collection that just came out for summer.  And, it's one I think anyone can afford to pick up!  I love it when that happens!  This set retails for $0.99 a piece, though I have been seeing it on sale for $0.69 all over the place.   Either way you look at it, under $6 to score a fun on trend summer collection is a total win in my books!

Meet the Wet n Wild Pop Art Craze Summer 2013 collection.

Wet n Wild Pop Art Craze Collection - Natural Sunlight

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So, I have some things I'm going to get out of the way first.  I actually really like the bottles on these, I think it helps with opening up tougher sealed bottles having some leverage like you get with a square bottle over a round or cylindrical design (can you tell I've had a lot of stuck bottles lately?).  The brushes on these are really good for $0.99 polish.  Sizer wise, I found them to be similar to the Maybelline color show brushes.  About a medium size brush, definitely smaller than the OPI Pro-Wide brush and wider than the Essie brush.  The brush wasn't too firm so I was able to float the polish very easily on the nail without worrying about pulling.
Now the kinda bad, the labels on at least my set were terrible.  Particularly on my bottle of Stand the Test of Lime... the text just melted off the sticker just from light handling to do my swatches and pictures.  The other colors all show wear as well on the labels, and these all looked excellent when I picked them up at the store.  I know this wont matter to some, but as a collector I like my bottles to stay nice and cute looking, so that that was a bit of a bummer for me.  One other problem I had with the labels is that some of them have what looks like cardboard stuck under the sticker.  I looked through the display and several of them had this going on.  All of the orange bottles did for sure, so I tried to pick the best looking one.

A Blank Canvas

A Blank Canvas bottle - Natural Sunlight
A Blank Canvas is a basic white creme.  I know that whites are all the rage for this summer, so having options is great especially if they are affordable!  This was an easy one to put on, the formula was nice and even.  I was able to get full non-streaky coverage at 2 coats.

A Blank Canvas - Natural Sunlight and Shade

Listening to the Blue Reed

Listening to the Blue Reed - Natural Sunlight
Listening to the Blue Reed, like many of the colors in this set, is more of a crelly.  I love jelly/crelly formulas so I was super happy to see that once I started to apply it.  This is shown with 2 coats and I had no problems with dry time or dragging with this polish.
I am really liking this color, it is bright and poppy but it is thankfully not another Essie Butler Please/Nails Inc. Bakers Street dupe!  I couldn't help but feel like lately everyone has been putting out a color like that in their collections.  This is a different type of blue, and I love it!

Listen to Blue Reed - Natural Sunlight and Shade

Stand the Test of Lime

Stand the Test of Lime bottle - Natural Sunlight
Sorry for the slightly ugly bottle shot of Stand the Test of Lime, but by this point my label had rubbed completely off :(
Stand the Test of Lime is actually a jelly, with a bit thinner consistency than the rest of the collection.  This was the only bottle that I needed to do 3 coats for.  While "strange" greens don't normally do anything for me, I was really loving this one on me.  It's a little slime like, but I think it's actually really pretty!

Heh, I just noticed while uploading the pictures that you can actually see my label wearing off as I was doing my photoshoot with it.

Stand the Test of Lime - Natural Sunlight and Shade

Teal Slowly and See

Teal Slowly and See bottle - Natural Sunlight
So, this one is named a bit strange to me.  There is no teal in this bottle!  I know I probably have a million light blues, but I am still swooning over this one.  It's on the creme side of being a crelly formula and gives beautiful coverage after 2 coats. 

Teal Slowly and See - Natural Sunlight and Shade

The Clock Strikes Orange

The Clock Strikes Orange bottle - Natural Sunlight
The Clock Strikes Orange is a bright tangerine orange crelly.  The formula again was great, and like most of the others gave me full coverage after 2 coats.
This color can at first glance look a lot like one of Wet n Wild's core collection colors, Sunny Side Up.  Sunny Side Up leans more yellow and in my opinion it's formula is a creme.  Personally, I prefer The Clock Strikes Orange out of the two.

The Clock Strikes Orange - Natural Sunlight and Shade

Who is Ultra Violet?

Who is Ultra Violet? bottle - Natural Sunlight
Who is Ultra Violet is a really great soft yet bright purple, if that makes any sense.  I am so glad to see a purple that is different than the light purples that dominated the Spring lines!  I looked through my polishes and I actually couldn't find any that looked like this one that I own, so big bonus points to it!  The formula was another great crelly, giving me full coverage at 2 coats.

Who is Ultra Violet? - Natural Sunlight and Shade

Pop Art Craze Nail Art!

I felt really inspired by this collection to do nail art.  I loved how well the colors went together and I had so many ideas on what to do with them!  I finally limited myself to two looks to show you guys.

Pop Art Craze Nail Art #1 Color Blocking
My first look is doing a really fun color blocking technique.  For this look I used A Blank Canvas as my canvas (*giggle*) and used a roll of stripping tape to make different patterns on each nail.  Once I had everything placed to my liking I filled in each block with a different color.  Now the key to this is not using too much polish for each block, if you do it will spill over and make unclean boxes!  Another key to clean boxes is to pull your tape off quickly in an upward motion.  I gave it some time to dry and then used some Seche Vite to finish it off.
I really loved this look, I can't wait to do this again sometime to go out to eat or on a date!

Pop Art Nail Craze Nail Art #2 Contrast Dotting
For my second look I pulled out my dotter.  This is using a base of The Clock Strikes Orange.  Once that was on I made dots using Listening to Blue Reed and finished it off by slighly offsetting dots on top of those in Teal Slowly and See.   Give these dots plenty of time to dry before top coating!  I accidentally didn't and you can see my little drag marks on a few of the dots.
I think these polishes work well for dotting, because of the formula they practically melt into your background polish so it looks flat, smooth, and even.


Over all, I am over the moon about this collection.  It's inexpensive, has great formulas, and has really awesome summery colors.  I think it's also a great set for nail art since the colors really go together nicely.

My favorites are Listen to Blue Reed, Stand the Test of Lime, and The Clock Strikes Orange.  But seriously? At this price pick them all up!

This is a limited edition release, so check for them now!  Wet n Wild can be found at most major retail stores.  In my experience in my area (Southern California) the only stores that get the limited edition sets are CVS, Rite Aid, Walgreens; so if you want these check there first!

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  1. Gorgeous collection and great nail art! I'm thinking about picking up A Blank Canvas; I'm looking for a back-up white as my bottle of My Boyfriend Scales Walls by OPI is quickly disappearing!