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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Revlon Girly and Ritzy - Swatches and Reviews

Hi everyone!

I know I am not alone in being thrilled to see bigger brands doing things a little outside the box with their polishes.
I remember as a teenager going into our local drugstores BFF Gamer and I, who both loved nail polish, would get excited to see just about anything other than pinks and reds. I remember between the two of us we eventually had a dark shimmery blue, a dark shimmery purple, a really thin layering shimmery green, and two scented top coats.  Not to mention the dark blue and dark purple lipstick we owned, but that's another story for another day.
The point is, the teenager inside of me still rejoices to see the sheer amount of variety at the drugstores now.
Maybe it's a little indie influence making it's way into some of the collections lately?  Whatever it is, I'm liking the it.  Big Polish Companies? Stay creative!

So all that being said I was so excited to be wondering through Walmart one day, back in December of 2012,  and stumbled on these Revlon polishes from the Bubble Gum Days and Urban Nights collection.  A milky polish?  Yay!  I quickly picked up Girly and Ritzy... but how did they do?

Revlon Girly and Revlon Ritzy bottles - Natural Sunlight
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Girly bottle - Natural Sunlight
This polish was love at first sight in the bottle for me.  I love pink, I love milky glitters, I love sparkle.  Win Win Win.

Then I swatched it for the first time.
And I hated it.

Not just the "Eh, this isn't Unicorns dancing in a meadow with rainbows and kittens but I still think it's nice".  It was more of a "Ugh, why did I buy this? Does BBF Gamer like pink nail polish now a days? Maybe I can load this off on her... or maybe I can send it to my little niece, she doesn't have taste yet."
I literally let this languish in my hardest to reach drawer for months until one day BBF Gamer and I were talking about pink milky polishes.  By now I own several and tried to find them all to do a quick comparison swatch on my hand for her. I snapped this picture...

Hard Candy Pink Taffy, Hard Candy Cotton Candy Pink, Revlon Girly, Nails Inc Topping Lane - Desk Lamp
As I was taking pictures I was in awe, I've owned Girly for this long and didn't like it? Did I have a malfunction? And so, I fell in love with it all over again.

Girly is actually a jelly base that has a milky look to it.  In this milky pink jelly base are different sized purple, pink, and silver glitters.  Unlike my other milky glitters, this one has a really nice squishy look that the others are lacking.
Girly is shown with 3 coats below over a ridge filling base coat.

Girly - Natural Sunlight
Girly - Natural Sunlight
Girly - Desk Lamp

Rizy (Sparkle Aplenty)

Ritzy (Sparkle Aplenty) bottle - Natural Sunlight
Next up we have Rizty, which recently has been renamed to Sparkle Aplenty.
This polish is a black jelly full of small black glitter, small silver glitter, and larger silver hex shapped glitter.
I wanted to love this one so much, but unfortunately for me the formula didn't work out.  It was very chunky, very thick, and yet still strangely streaky.  Maybe the newly renamed Sparkle Aplenty is better? Or maybe if I used some thinner on my bottle it would work out better?
I'm showing this with 3 coats over a ridge filler below.

Ritzy - Natural Sunlight
Ritzy - Natural Sunlight
Ritzy - Desktop Lamp

I would highly recommend Girly to be added to your collection if you like pink or milky glitters.  I think it's a fun girly (heh) polish that isn't too in your face.

I hate to say it, but I would pass on Ritzy.  The formula was just too much for me to get past, but I do love that Revlon tried to do something different and a little edgy.

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