Google+ Girls Game with Color: Out of Character: Mario Mushrooms!

Friday, July 12, 2013

Out of Character: Mario Mushrooms!

Hi everyone, and Happy Friday!

Anyone have fun plans for this weekend? I know at least for the GGWC household it won't be much of a weekend as Mr GGWC is going to be working *womp womp*.
But! I did convince him to go out to Wendy's to try some of their new burgers.  ^_~ Kinda lame date night, but it is something we've done since before we were dating.

So for today's Out of Character I decided to draw inspiration from a whole series of games...

The Mario Series!

Here is a preview of all the polish I used for this look...
Color Club (Unknown), Essie DJ Play that Song-Shake Your $$ Maker-Snap Happy, Nicole by OPI Paparazzi Don't Preach, Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Black Out-White On, Sinful Colors Burning Bright-Exotic Green-Pull Over-Tempest
To see the look, click on the read more button!

I looove me some Mario Brothers.  When I was a very little girl I begged and pleaded to get a Nintendo, though to this day I am a little unsure why I wanted one so badly since I was so young (I was 4... The gaming bug struck early and hard with me).
Finally for Christmas my parents broke down and bought a system for my Sister and I; our console happened to be one of the awesome bundles that came with Mario Brothers, Duck Hunt, and World Class Track Meet plus the guns, controllers, and floor mat.

My Sister and I played a TON of the original Mario Brothers, and I still love the series to this day.

For this look I decided to focus on the the Mushroom Power Up. I saw this totally cute manicure over on Our Painted World where she did a full Mario themed manicure.  I loved her Mushroom so much I wanted to do a full hand of them!

Mario Mushrooms - Natural Sunlight
The Yellow Mushroom is the Mega Mushroom (which D'oh! I should have done on my thumb!). This Mushroom makes Mario (or Luigi) HUGE and you get to pretty much destroy everything.

The Green Mushroom is for the 1-Up! Everyone's favorite I think ^_~

The Red Mushroom is for our original "Grow Up" Super Mushroom.

The Blue Mushroom is for the Mini Mushroom.  This Mushroom makes Mario (or Luigi) tiny making new areas accessible, able to jump higher, and have longer air time.  There is of course a trade off in that it also makes them much weaker.

Finally, the Purple Mushroom is for the Poison Mushroom.  He is a mean Mushroom that if you get it will make you loose a life.

Mario Mushrooms - Natural Sunlight
I pretty much love this overall look so much!  So fun, happy, and pretty much perfect for the weekend I'm thinking!

Also, after writing up this post I think the word Mushroom has lost all meaning to me.  I don't think I have ever written it out so many times before! ^_^;;

Now go out, and play some Mario Brothers!


  1. They turned out awesome!!! I always hoped for the green 1-Up mushrooms when I played!!
    Thanks for the link back! ♥