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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Maybelline Color Show Polka Dots - Swatches and Reviews

Oh hey look, it's Wednesday Gamer Girls!

I spent the better part of this morning swearing that it was Tuesday... I was planning my whole day as if it was a Tuesday until I looked at a calendar to check something.  So Yay for magically losing a day this week! ^_~

Today I have a little set of new Maybelline polishes, the Color Show Polka Dots!

Maybelline Color Show Polka Dots Collection
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Blue Marks the Spot

Blue Marks the Spot bottle - Natural Sunlight
Blue Marks the spot is a really pretty light cornflower blue jelly base packed full of small to medium white and black matte glitter.  I found the base of this color to be the thinnest looking on me, even after 3 coats.

Blue Marks the Spot - Natural Sunlight
Blue Marks the Spot - Natural Sunlight

Clearly Spotted

Clearly Spotted bottle - Natural Sunlight
I love black and white glitter as much as I love Godiva dark chocolate, which is saying A LOT.  That being said, I loooooooove this top coat.  I want to put it over every polish I own.  I want to make glitter sandwiches with it.  I think I need to buy, like, 5 back up bottles of this.  Oh sorry, I'll stop waxing on poetically about it... but seriously?  I think you *need* this in your life too.

It was an easy topper to work with, the base is pretty thin and flood nicely.  I didn't have to dig for glitter, and I didn't have to do any placing on nails.
For this picture I am showing one coat of Clearly Spotted over Sinful Colors Pull Over.

Clearly Spotted - Natural Sunlight


Dotty bottle - Natural Sunlight
Dotty is a really pretty true orange jelly packed with the same small to medium size matte black and white glitter.  I like the depth of orange that Dotty has, its very rich.
I have seen some other bloggers saying that they are not a fan of Dotty because they think it looks too "Halloween".  I have to be honest, it doesn't really give me a big Halloween vibe.  I think it's a really fun color, and if you like orange I think you'll love this.
I'm showing Dotty with 3 coats.

Dotty - Natural Sunlight
Dotty - Natural Sunlight

Drops of Jade

Drops of Jade bottle - Natural Sunlight
Drops of Jade is a bit of a departure from the other colors in this collection.  While the base isn't very thick it is a crelly... well maybe more of a thick jelly?  It's very thin for a crelly.  The name of this polish fits, as its a very beautiful jade green color.  I really want a bottle of just this base!  I don't have anything close to it in color.
Drops of Jade is shown with 3 coats in the pictures below.

Drops of Jade - Natural Sunlight
Drops of Jade - Natural Sunlight

Pretty in Polka

Pretty in Polka bottle - Natural Sunlight
I am a huge fan of pink, and Pretty in Polka hits just the right spot for me!  Its a very pretty fuchsia pink filled with the matte black and white glitter.  I like how girly the pink feels, but I really think the black and white kinda punk it up a bit.  The base is a thin jelly, but I found it to apply well.  I loved how this color looked with my skin, and it is probably my favorite out of the color base polka dots. 
Pretty in Polka is shown with 3 coats in the pictures below.

Pretty in Polka - Natural Sunlight
Pretty in Polka - Natural Sunlight

Nail Art with Polka Dots!

This first look isn't technically nail art, but it is a different way to wear this collection... Matte-ified!  I have recently fallen head over hills with glitter packed jellies with a matte coat over them thanks to Accio Lacquer.  So because of her influence I had to see what these looked like...  I luv them with it!  Total win.
Though, I will say I need a more matte matte top coat.  My Revlon Matte Top Coat looks very satin in this picture.

Polka Dot collection with Revlon Matte top coat - Natural Sunlight
After my matte loving I tried to do a manicure look with these.  For this manicure I ended with Pretty in Polka on my thumbs and Essie First Timer on all my other fingers.  Then I used Clearly Spotted on my ring finger and my pinky.  I also really liked how this came out, it made me think of Watermelon. =D

Polka Dot Nail Art - Natural Sunlight

Now a few things about the collection as a whole that I wanted to mention.
The color based polishes in this collection can be a bit of a pain to put on.  You do have to be a little careful with application so as not to bunch up the glitter.  Some finesse is need on the first coat in particular because of this.
These polish might not have a very smooth surface on their own.  I really recommend a thick top coat such as Seche Vite to help if you want a glassy finish.  If it's really bumpy try to do a coat of matte top coat and cover that with a coat of shiny top coat to get the "lip gloss" look that this collection is really pretty for!
I will also say, I think this glitter is the hardest glitter that I own to remove.  Maybe because it's matte?  I'm not sure, but just prepare yourself to either use the foil method to remove these or another glitter removal method.  I use this little tub from Target personally.

Overall, I think this is a collection that has something for everyone.  I highly recommend picking up at least Clearly Spotted to any nail enthusiast,  but really at the retail price of $2.99 a piece I think this set is affordable enough to splurge and grab the whole thing.  I love that the main brands are branching out and giving us unique polishes with different finishes, and I really hope we see this tread continue!

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