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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Maybelline Azure Seas - Swatches and Reviews

Hi Gamer Girls!

This morning I have a quick write up for a polish I just picked up at Rite Aid just the other day on clearance.  I wanted to get this up quickly just in case any of you wanted to try and hunt for it!

I admittedly normally pass up Maybelline displays when they pop up in the drug stores, but the resent Polka Dot collection changed my mind on that recently (review will be up very soon, and spoiler alert: it's awesome).  The Summer 2013 collection was no different, and I honestly didn't even look at it.

Then I saw this beauty in the clearance bin and had to quickly get it home!

Maybelline Azure Seas bottle - Natural Sunlight
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Azure Seas is a very rich bright blue on the cerulean side of the spectrum.  I found the application to be good, and only needed 2 coats to get to full coverage.  As can be expected with a color this rich, it does stain and it will dye your cuticles if your get a little sloppy with your application.  I would highly recommend doubling up on your base coat for this color!

I also had a bit of a hard time getting pictures of this one, my camera was going nuts with the color.  To help with that I tried taking pictures under different lighting settings.

Azure Seas - Natural Sunlight
Azure Seas - Natural Sunlight
Azure Seas - Shade
Azure Seas - Desk Lamp

As a slight downside, I already own a few polishes that are pretty similar to this one.  Sally Hansen's Blue Me Away!, China Glaze's Hanging in the Balance, and Sinful Colors Aquamarine.
I would have to say out of those, Hanging in the Balance is still my favorite. 
However, if you down own any of these I think Azure Seas is an excellent purchase!

Maybelline can be found at many national chains and online.

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