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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

L'oreal Miss Candy Collection - Swatches and Review

Hi everyone!

I woke up to it being cloudy this morning :(  Which in Southern California during July that means a very hot hot day with a ton of humidity.

^_^;; I know for some it's pretty normal to have humid days during the summer but for my SoCal acclimated body it's the worst ever!  I'll take my 105 degree dry heat any day over humidity lol. :)

On to today's polish!  Today I am going to be sharing the L'oreal Miss Candy collection.
When I first saw the press releases going around online for this set my jaw dropped.  Really?!?! A full collection of jellies?!?!?!

L'oreal Miss Candy Collection - Natural Sunlight
Oh yes, really.

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This collection is split into 2 different finishes/formulas.  4 of the colors have a true liquidy jelly texture to them.  The other 4 in this collection have a more crelly finish.

For all of my swatches I decided to show the colors three different ways.

1) On the top finger (actually my middle finger) I have done 2 coats of Essie Blanc as underwear.  Over that each color is shown at three coats.
2) On the middle finger (actually my ring finger) I have done one coat of a clear base, in this case Essie First Base.  Over that each color is shown at three coats.
3) On the bottom finger (actually my pinky finger) I have done 1 coat of an opaque-ish base coat.  I used Essie Fill the Gap Treatment for this.  Over that each colors is shown at three coats.

Whew, after all that ready to finally see some colors? ^_^

Bananarama Love

Bananarama Love bottle - Natural Sunlght
Bananarama Love is a very pretty yellow and one of the crelly-jellies from this collection.  In fact, I think it's the first yellow I have ever actually liked on me.


The color on this one reminds me so much of a Lemon Head.  Though the name? It kills me to type it out every time!
Bananarama Love - Natural Sunlight
If you don't mind a little bit of a visible nail line I love this one over a clear base coat.  For my personal taste however, I am not a VNL lover so I would wear this one over a ridge filling base coat.

Berry Nice

Berry Nice bottle - Natural Sunlight
This was the color that broke my heart just a little bit when I finally saw it in person.  All the pictures I had seen up until that point made it look like a black jelly!
With that being said, I do love the shade of purple that Berry Nice is on in spite of it not being the black jelly I wish it was ;p

Berry Nice is one of the 4 true jellies in this collection and unfortunately, for all the beauty of it's color it is a little hard to apply.  Unless you are an expert at applying jellies this one can have a tendency to pool a little and cause uneven dark spots.  The other problem with this pooling effect that I noticed was that it seemed to magnify any problem spots on my nail.
Berry Nice - Natural Sunlight
Berry Nice is one of the colors that really changes depending on what you use for a base.  My choice again for Berry Nice would be to wear it with a ridge filling base coat.

Bubble Trouble

Bubble Trouble bottle - Natural Sunlight
Bubble Trouble reminds me a lot of bubble gum flavored Bubble Yum.  I loved that flavor so much as a kid... now it just hurts my teeth!  That my friends is how you know you are getting older. ^_~
This is another of the crelly-jellies from this collection.  I had no problems with application on this one!

Bubble Trouble - Natural Sunlight
I love this one over the cleat base and the ridge filler! I can't really pick my favorite between the two!

Creme de Mint

Creme de Mint bottle - Natural Sunlight
Creme de Mint is probably my 2nd favorite out of all the polishes in this collection.  I love the shade of green so much.  I am a mint girl, but I love how this isn't the blue-ish green we have been seeing all over lately.  This shade is instead a very pretty leafy green.
I want to eat it... ^_~
This is another of the crelly-jellies in this collection and it applies beautifully.

Creme de Mint - Natural Sunlight
I am a fan of this one either over a ridge filler or a clear base.

Jolly Lolly

Jolly Lolly bottle - Natural Sunlight
Look at how pretty Jolly Lolly is in the bottle... it's like a gloriously slippery lip gloss.
I'm not a red fan to be honest, yet this red won me over like no other red in my collection.  Its so glossy, so pigmented, and just so gorgeous how can it not?

Jolly Lolly is one of the true jellies in this collection and it almost felt like it applied it's self.  So easy to work with, so self leveling. just beautiful.

Can you tell this is my absolute favorite of the bunch? I was very surprised!

Jolly Lolly - Natural Sunlight
If you don't mind a little VNL I think this looks amazing over a clear base coat.  My choice? The ridge filler again!  Though I do love how this morphs into a bit of a neon over a white base!

Lilac Coolers

Lilac Coolers bottle - Natural Sunlight
Lilac Cooler is a very nice pinky purple.  The only bad thing I can say about this color? It feels like every brand has come out with a shade like it this year. It is unique in that its a jelly, but I have a another L'oreal (Lacey Lilac) siting next to in my drawer that looks so much like it I have pulling the wrong one out to swatch and review!
Lilac Cooler is one of the crelly-jellies in this set.  Like the others this applied very nicely.

Lilac Cooler - Natural Sunlight
I thinks color is a perfect over a clear base! I think it looks a tiny bit patchy over white.

Mango Mamma

Mango Mamma is a lot like Jolly Lolly, though I can picture myself wearing an orange lip gloss this bright! ^_^
The color is rich, glossy, and very pretty in person.  This one reminds me of a glow stick for some reason!  Very Tang drink mix orange as opposed to Orange Juice colored.

Mango Mamma is one of the true jellies and is one of the easiest of the whole collection to apply.  Glossy Glossy Glossy.

Mango Mamma - Natural Sunlight
I think the neon look over white is pretty spectacular, but my true love out of the three is it over a clear base coat.  So squishy!

Miss Pixie

Miss Pixie bottle - Natural Sunlight
Lastly we have Miss Pixie to round out the collection.

Be still my blue loving heart.

As the last of the true jellies in this collection, it shouldn't be surprising that this one applies easily.  Very glossy, liquidy, and just awesome.  
Outside in the bottle it practically glows.  Inside under artificial lighting it looks like it could be the jelly sister to Essie's Butler Please.  Honestly though? Not even close

Miss Pixie - Natural Sunlight
As much as I love this one I was a little bummed out to see how much of it's vibrancy I lost going from the bottle to the nail.
For Miss Pixie I have to go with it over ridge filler.  The VNL would drive me bonkers over the clear coat, and I found it to look a little bit too patchy over white.

Some Miss Candy Nail Art!

BFF Gamer told me about syrup nails a few months ago.  She loved them, and yet I had never even heard of them! I was shocked.

A full collection of jellies? This calls for Syrup! (As a side note, I don't think I'm very good at Syrup Nails... LOL)

Bananarama Love, Jolly Lolly, Lilac Coolers, and Miss Pixie on the nails, Bubble Trouble bottle - Natural Sunlight
So, for this look I used my Essie Fill the Gap base coat and then used three coats of each color, starting further down the nail on each coat.  The pictures didn't work so well for this look, but it did honestly look better than this in person!

Mixed Syrup Nails - Natural Sunlight
After trying to do single color Syrup Nails I wanted to try layering my colors.

1) The first nail is a base of Lilac Coolers with 3 layers of Creme de Mint over it.
2) The second nail is Bananarama Love as a base with Mango Mamma as the middle two layers and the fourth layer is Jolly Lolly.
3) The third nail is a base of Jolly Lolly with 3 layers of Berry Nice over it.
4) The final nail is once coat of Miss Pixie with 3 coats of Jolly Lolly over it.

Some of these didn't look so hot, but I do rather like my second nail with the fire gradient look.

But hey, even if it didn't come out perfect I still tried something new!

Over all I loved this jelly filled collection.  I think these are perfect for layering, wearing alone, or using in nail art! I haven't even tried to do jelly sandwiches with them yet!

My picks would be Jolly Lolly, Creme de Mint, and Mango Mamma.

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