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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Essie Coat Azure, French Affair, and Sand Tropez - Swatches and Review

I finally get this blog going and then our house is struck down by sickness! Sorry for the delay in posting so soon after starting out!

I figured I can start back with a half review of one of my favorites...

Ah, the French Affair collection from Essie... how I love you.

This collection had me stop dead in my tracks while walking past it in Target several years ago.  For weeks I would walk by and pick up a bottle of French Affair and think about buying it but I never pulled the trigger.  Having never bought a bottle of Essie I was a little hesitant to try them, would the little square bottle hold something awesome or would I be disappointed?
So I waited and waited, each time I went to Target I would go and look at the pretty bottles in this collection and put them back. I think the employees probably thought I was nuts!
Finally, I noticed they were clearing the display out and putting the remaining colors on clearance.  I knew it was now or never so I jumped at the chance to buy Coat Azure, French Affair, and Sand Tropez.  Unfortunately, by this point they had sold out of the other colors in this collection which still makes me sad.  Someday I'll add those to my collection too since I love these so much!

Essie Coat Azure, French Affair, and Sand Tropez - Natural Sun

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This is the original image that was released for the French Affair collection from Essie, Spring 2011.  As you can see I am missing 3 of the colors: Kisses & Bises, Nice is Nice, and Topless & Barefoot.  The colors in this collection are so gorgeous for Spring.

Coat Azure

Coat Azure - Natural Sunlight

Coat Azure is one of my favorite blues, if not one of my favorite polishes that I own.  The color is such a pretty blue with a touch of grey.  It also has a slight touch of fine multi-color shimmer which gives it a nice pop of glow.  The formula on this color is awesome, no application issues at all.  Shown bellow with 2 very easy coats.

Coat Azure - Natural Sunlight

Coat Azure - Natural Sunlight

Coat Azure -Shade

French Affair

French Affair - Natural Sunlight

French Affair is a gorgeous light baby pink with a hint of lilac to add some depth.  This is another one of my favorites in my nail polish stash.  I use this one a lot to do pink and white french manicures and it looks lovely with white.
The only down side is the formula.  It is a little thick, in a slightly gooey way which can make application a little bit of a chore.  I however can over look this problem for the color pay out.  Shown below with three coats.  (I also for some reason forgot to take pictures in the shade! Sorry!)

French Affair - Natural Sunlight

Sand Tropez

Sand Tropez - Natural Sunlight
Sand Tropez is a very nice basic beige color.  I love how it works with the other colors in this collection.  Unfortunately for me, just by it's self this color isn't well suited to my skin tone.  I think it would look so gorgeous on someone with a deeper skin tone, or even someone that is a little more "pinky" than I am.
The formula is great on this, self leveling and easy to apply.  This is shown with 2 easy coats.

Sand Tropez - Natural Sunlight

Sand Tropez - Shade

French Affair Nail Art!

French Affair Nail art - Natural Sunlight
For this look, I ended up doing a very simple dotted style.  I just painted one half of each nail with French Affair and the other half with Sand Tropez.  After that was dry I painted a stripe of Coat Azure down the middle of each nail. I used the larger side of my dotting tool to finish everything off by dotting alternating colors over each base.

Overall, this polish collection holds a special place in my heart.  They introduced me to Essie which is one of my top favorite brands!

Sadly, two of these shades, Coat Azure and French Affair, are not available through Essie anymore, but I have for sure seen them on Amazon for decent prices.

Sand Tropez is now part of Essie's core line.  Essie is widely available at drugstores, Target, Walmart, and their own website.

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