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Monday, July 22, 2013

Callie's Sad Day with a Mermaid...

Hey everyone!  Sorry today's post is a little late... but I have a good reason!

Today, my plan was to share with everyone the new Disney Ariel collection of nail polish released by Sephora.

I haven't yet shared this, but I am a huge Disney nut.  I grew up with Disney in a very special way, you see my Grandfather retired as a ride designer from Disneyland after a long career of 33 years.  So my childhood was spent visiting my Papa at Disneyland all the time, sometimes just for lunch!  I would frequently go with my Nana to their credit union, which at the time was actually on the Disney back lot.  My Grandparent's home was filled with Disney related memorabilia, and of course my Nana always picked up all of the Disney movies on beta, then later VHS for us grandkids to watch.
I later, loving Disney so much, even worked there for a short period of time as a character.

So anyway, all of that back story to explain I am a little Disney obsessed!  Mix my love of Disney with my love of nail polish and you have a very happy Callie with the Sephora Princesses releases.

As soon as I heard about the Ariel collection I was all over it.  I stalked Sephora's website until it finally came in and I was able to snag up one of the Ariel compacts before it sold out along with the Ariel nail polish set.

It finally came today!

Disney Ariel Collection Nail Polish Box Set by Sephora
So what's wrong and why no swatches of this set today?

Click the read more button to find out!

So everything should be all peaches and gravy right?

Er, right?!

Disney Ariel Collection Box Nail Polish Box Set by Sephora (Inner Carton)
Can you see what I saw right away?

Ariel "Hotter Under the Water" bottle (Damaged)
Ugh, one bottle out of the set was completely dried out!  Sadly, even though all the Sephora orders are hand packed the person packing mine didn't see this set had a dud.

I already called their customer service and they will send me a full new set, but they wont ship it until they receive my defective one back to their processing center.  I have to admit, I am a little disappointed that they can't just send me the one bottle as a replacement or even send the new set right away so that I get it without the long wait of mine needing to go back first plus the processing time... but we'll see how I feel once I get the set back.

Aside from this problem, the packaging is so pretty for this set, and I love the colors so much in person.  I can't wait to actually swatch these when I get my replacement box.

In the mean time I will leave off with a few more pictures of the box.

Disney Ariel Collection Nail Polish Box Set by Sephora (Top)
Disney Ariel Collection Nail Polish Box Set by Sephora (Back)

And that my friends is Callie's sad day with a Mermaid :(

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