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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Accio Lacquer: Space Hippies!

What's happening Gamer Girls?

The sun is shining today, the birds are chirping, the weather is wonderful in Southern California, and this particular Gamer Girls is done with Fall Quarter at University! Yay!  It's been a particularly trying session at school this past term, so to be out and done for a small break is wonderful.  Hopefully after I have time to recharge my batteries this winter break I will be back in full fighting form for next quarter!

All that being said, let's get to some polish shall we? =D

Recently, I was super duper lucky and won a really awesome prize pack from none other than Accio Lacquer!  (I'll post a picture at the end of everything that was in the box)

Not only was I excited because I won something, but this prize was crazy awesome! Why you might ask?  Whelp this box had the first bottle of Accio Lacquer's Space Hippies that would be out in the wild!!!

Accio Lacquer Space Hippies
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Monday, September 30, 2013

Lucky 13 Lacquer's Softening the Bad Things: Swatches and Review

Hi Gamer Girls.

So… it’s been awhile hasn’t it?
If I still have anyone coming around to check things out, I’m really sorry about the long radio silence.
And I can hear it now, so Callie what the heck happened?

Let me start with what polish I am going to be sharing today to help explain a little... Today’s polish is from the simply amazing Lucky 13 Lacquer and this is the very special Softening the Bad Things.

Lucky 13 Lacquer Softening the Bad Things bottle - Natural Sunlight

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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Maybelline Color Show Polka Dots - Swatches and Reviews

Oh hey look, it's Wednesday Gamer Girls!

I spent the better part of this morning swearing that it was Tuesday... I was planning my whole day as if it was a Tuesday until I looked at a calendar to check something.  So Yay for magically losing a day this week! ^_~

Today I have a little set of new Maybelline polishes, the Color Show Polka Dots!

Maybelline Color Show Polka Dots Collection
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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Wet n Wild Pop Art Craze - Swatches and Reviews

Good Afternoon Gamer Girls!

It's been quite the week in the GGWC household.  I've been comparison shopping like crazy for a new laptop for University, which I am starting this fall.  I have to make sure to pick something that will last me through the rest of my Bachelors' degree program and potentially also through my Master's degree! So basically 2-3 years.  I have it narrowed down to a Sony Vaio Ultrabook or a custom build rig from Cyber Power PC.  We shall see, Mr GGWC and I decided to hold off on picking anything out for a few more weeks.
In addition to shopping for my schooling, we also were shopping for Mr GGWC's birthday.  He decided on a badly needed upgrade for his aging gaming PC.  He ended up picking out a full system build from CyberPower PC that comes pre-built from them.  For us this is totally a new idea!  No PC tower in our house has ever been built by someone other than the 2 of us, so I'm thrilled with the idea of not having to deal with that part ourselves!  I'll probably write up my thoughts (and his) when we get it and put it through the paces.

Anyway, enough about PC's lets get on to the polish!

Today I have a new limited edition collection that just came out for summer.  And, it's one I think anyone can afford to pick up!  I love it when that happens!  This set retails for $0.99 a piece, though I have been seeing it on sale for $0.69 all over the place.   Either way you look at it, under $6 to score a fun on trend summer collection is a total win in my books!

Meet the Wet n Wild Pop Art Craze Summer 2013 collection.

Wet n Wild Pop Art Craze Collection - Natural Sunlight

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Friday, July 26, 2013

Out of Character: Phoenix

Happy Friday Gamer Girls!

I hope everyone is having a nice Friday so far, and thank goodness the weekend is here.  I don't know why, but this week sure felt long to me.  I hope this weekend feels long as a return payment. ^_~

So for this Out of Character post I decided to focus on my love of Marvel.  I have been X-Men obsessed since I was a little girl.  I loved going to my local comic book store and browsing for as long as I was allowed to.  I had subscriptions to X-Men, Uncanny X-Men, and later Xtreme X-Men... and I collected so many other X-Men related titles.  I loved The Avengers and X-Force too, collecting particularly the issues with The Vision & Scarlett Witch in the former and Havok & Polaris in the latter.

With all of that being said, I basically have been a Marvel geek as long as I can remember.  I did have a favorite character too, and that was Phoenix (the original Jean Grey version).  In fact, my first Marvel action figure was a Phoenix figure that the owner of my favorite comic book store special ordered for me!  I still have her, but unfortunately couldn't find her to take a picture for this piece. :(

Phoenix Nail Art Polishes, A England Bridal Veil & Dragon - Natural Sunlight
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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Maybelline Azure Seas - Swatches and Reviews

Hi Gamer Girls!

This morning I have a quick write up for a polish I just picked up at Rite Aid just the other day on clearance.  I wanted to get this up quickly just in case any of you wanted to try and hunt for it!

I admittedly normally pass up Maybelline displays when they pop up in the drug stores, but the resent Polka Dot collection changed my mind on that recently (review will be up very soon, and spoiler alert: it's awesome).  The Summer 2013 collection was no different, and I honestly didn't even look at it.

Then I saw this beauty in the clearance bin and had to quickly get it home!

Maybelline Azure Seas bottle - Natural Sunlight
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Monday, July 22, 2013

Callie's Sad Day with a Mermaid...

Hey everyone!  Sorry today's post is a little late... but I have a good reason!

Today, my plan was to share with everyone the new Disney Ariel collection of nail polish released by Sephora.

I haven't yet shared this, but I am a huge Disney nut.  I grew up with Disney in a very special way, you see my Grandfather retired as a ride designer from Disneyland after a long career of 33 years.  So my childhood was spent visiting my Papa at Disneyland all the time, sometimes just for lunch!  I would frequently go with my Nana to their credit union, which at the time was actually on the Disney back lot.  My Grandparent's home was filled with Disney related memorabilia, and of course my Nana always picked up all of the Disney movies on beta, then later VHS for us grandkids to watch.
I later, loving Disney so much, even worked there for a short period of time as a character.

So anyway, all of that back story to explain I am a little Disney obsessed!  Mix my love of Disney with my love of nail polish and you have a very happy Callie with the Sephora Princesses releases.

As soon as I heard about the Ariel collection I was all over it.  I stalked Sephora's website until it finally came in and I was able to snag up one of the Ariel compacts before it sold out along with the Ariel nail polish set.

It finally came today!

Disney Ariel Collection Nail Polish Box Set by Sephora
So what's wrong and why no swatches of this set today?

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Friday, July 19, 2013

Mint Manis for Talia Joy

Good Morning everyone!

I'll be delaying the normal Friday Out of Character post today for something a little different.

Just this week our beauty community lost a sweet blogging girl, Talia.

You can watch Talia's videos here and check out her Instagram here.  I loved looking at her pictures, she seemed so fun and bubbly!  She was so strong and I feel like she was, and will continue to be an uplifting figure.

Nicole, over at Nail Polish Wars posted on Wednesday the invitation to take part in doing Mint Manis in honor of Talia's final instagram photo, a really lovely picture of her Mom, Sister, and herself wearing a pretty mint polish. She also asked that we use the #MintManisForTaliaJoy and #TaliasLegacy tags.


Thursday, July 18, 2013

OPI Shatter Collection - Swatches and Reviews

I hope everyone's day has been a good one so far!

I'm pretty excited to see that the new season of Whose's Line is it Anyway started this week!  I think Mr GGWC and I will be sitting down to watch those tonight once he gets home from work. ^_^ Yay!

This afternoon I have an older set of polish to show you, the OPI Shatter Collection.

OPI Shatter Collection bottles - Natural Sunlight
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Revlon Girly and Ritzy - Swatches and Reviews

Hi everyone!

I know I am not alone in being thrilled to see bigger brands doing things a little outside the box with their polishes.
I remember as a teenager going into our local drugstores BFF Gamer and I, who both loved nail polish, would get excited to see just about anything other than pinks and reds. I remember between the two of us we eventually had a dark shimmery blue, a dark shimmery purple, a really thin layering shimmery green, and two scented top coats.  Not to mention the dark blue and dark purple lipstick we owned, but that's another story for another day.
The point is, the teenager inside of me still rejoices to see the sheer amount of variety at the drugstores now.
Maybe it's a little indie influence making it's way into some of the collections lately?  Whatever it is, I'm liking the it.  Big Polish Companies? Stay creative!

So all that being said I was so excited to be wondering through Walmart one day, back in December of 2012,  and stumbled on these Revlon polishes from the Bubble Gum Days and Urban Nights collection.  A milky polish?  Yay!  I quickly picked up Girly and Ritzy... but how did they do?

Revlon Girly and Revlon Ritzy bottles - Natural Sunlight
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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Essie Resort 2013: In the Cab-ana - Swatches and Reviews

Happy Monday everyone!

Erm... actually now it's WEDNESDAY.  So my lovely Gamer Girls, what has Callie learned about Blogging in the last few weeks?

1) Write blogs in advance so that in case illness happens there will be content to post. Check!
2) When using Facebook, try to remember which account you are logged into so that you don't accidentally use the wrong one to post as. Check! (after making that mistake 3 times, D'oh!)
2) When scheduling posts in advance make sure to double check the date they will be posting. Er... not so check. ^_^;; Le'sigh.  So in that case I think I might be having 2 posts a day go live the rest of the week since I had 5 for this week!

Anyway, back to the review...

I hope everyone had a good weekend! I have a super fun collection for you guys today that I hope puts everyone into a festive summer mood! I love this little four piece collection so much, I think it has some really great colors for summer.

The Essie Resort 2013 Collection, In the Cab-ana!

Essie Resort 2013 Collection - Natural Sunlight
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Friday, July 12, 2013

Out of Character: Mario Mushrooms!

Hi everyone, and Happy Friday!

Anyone have fun plans for this weekend? I know at least for the GGWC household it won't be much of a weekend as Mr GGWC is going to be working *womp womp*.
But! I did convince him to go out to Wendy's to try some of their new burgers.  ^_~ Kinda lame date night, but it is something we've done since before we were dating.

So for today's Out of Character I decided to draw inspiration from a whole series of games...

The Mario Series!

Here is a preview of all the polish I used for this look...
Color Club (Unknown), Essie DJ Play that Song-Shake Your $$ Maker-Snap Happy, Nicole by OPI Paparazzi Don't Preach, Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Black Out-White On, Sinful Colors Burning Bright-Exotic Green-Pull Over-Tempest
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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Nicole by OPI Paparazzi Don't Preach - Swatches and Review

Hi everyone!
So today here on GGWC I have a single polish to share with you, and it pains me a little bit to say what it is...

It's a color based on the Kardashians. *Wince*

No matter how you feel about the girls, you have to grudgingly admit that they do have good taste when it comes down to what they release. But, the real big reason for my annoyance?

Being asked if my first name is spelled with a K every single time I give it now.
*sigh* I know, petty right? My birth name happens to be the same as one of the girls.  Never in my life had I been asked if it was spelled with a K instead of a C. Now, for the last 2 years...

Every. Single. Time.

^_^;; I'm totally shallow. 

How can I justify this?  Well, it is a Nicole by OPI polish, so that helps. And just look at this color! (Or Kolor? ^_~ )

Paparazzi Don't Preach bottle - Natural Sunlight
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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

L'oreal Miss Candy Collection - Swatches and Review

Hi everyone!

I woke up to it being cloudy this morning :(  Which in Southern California during July that means a very hot hot day with a ton of humidity.

^_^;; I know for some it's pretty normal to have humid days during the summer but for my SoCal acclimated body it's the worst ever!  I'll take my 105 degree dry heat any day over humidity lol. :)

On to today's polish!  Today I am going to be sharing the L'oreal Miss Candy collection.
When I first saw the press releases going around online for this set my jaw dropped.  Really?!?! A full collection of jellies?!?!?!

L'oreal Miss Candy Collection - Natural Sunlight
Oh yes, really.

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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Essie Coat Azure, French Affair, and Sand Tropez - Swatches and Review

I finally get this blog going and then our house is struck down by sickness! Sorry for the delay in posting so soon after starting out!

I figured I can start back with a half review of one of my favorites...

Ah, the French Affair collection from Essie... how I love you.

This collection had me stop dead in my tracks while walking past it in Target several years ago.  For weeks I would walk by and pick up a bottle of French Affair and think about buying it but I never pulled the trigger.  Having never bought a bottle of Essie I was a little hesitant to try them, would the little square bottle hold something awesome or would I be disappointed?
So I waited and waited, each time I went to Target I would go and look at the pretty bottles in this collection and put them back. I think the employees probably thought I was nuts!
Finally, I noticed they were clearing the display out and putting the remaining colors on clearance.  I knew it was now or never so I jumped at the chance to buy Coat Azure, French Affair, and Sand Tropez.  Unfortunately, by this point they had sold out of the other colors in this collection which still makes me sad.  Someday I'll add those to my collection too since I love these so much!

Essie Coat Azure, French Affair, and Sand Tropez - Natural Sun

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Friday, July 5, 2013

Out of Character: Kefka Final Fantasy VI

What do think you've found?
In this dying world?
Why do you build, knowing destruction is inevitable?
Why do you yearn to live, knowing all things must die?

Sometimes we have characters that stay with us.  Villains that never stop haunting us.
For me, one of those is Kefka from Final Fantasy VI.

Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear: Cherry Red-White On-Black Out , Sinful Colors Cross My Heart-Unicorn, Pure Ice Last Chance, L'oreal Hyde Park-Bubble Trouble, and Essie Stylenomics
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Thursday, July 4, 2013

4th of July Nail Art 2013 (Take Two!): Featuring Sinful Colors

Hi everyone!

Happy 4th of July to my USA readers!  I hope you have awesome plans for the day!  We will have to see what Mr GGWC and I end up doing, our original plans kinda fell through ;_;
On the brighter side, we ended up getting a killer deal on new tires for my car today. Kinda random I know to get tires on the 4th of July, but whatev right? ^_^

On to the nail look for today!

I wanted to try and make a second look for the 4th of July.  I love how creative you can get with just the colors red, white, and blue on the nail!

Sinful Colors GoGo Girl, Endless Blue, and Snow Me White - Natural Sunlight
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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

4th of July Nail Art 2013: Featuring Julie G and OPI

Hi everyone!

I adore the 4th of July. It's tied as my favorite holiday with Halloween.
It's always been a special day, my family always used to travel up to Bishop California every year to watch the fireworks show at the old air strip.  It was magical, and also highly dangerous lol ^_^;; They used to blow up drums of gasoline and they would make these really awesome looking flame mushroom clouds... yeeeeaaah, I don't think you would be able to get away with that anymore! ^_^

The 4th of July is also a super special day now because it was the day Mr GGWC proposed to me!

I love doing festive nails for holidays!

Today I am going to be sharing a look I have done with some gorgeous textured polishes!

Julie G Blueberry Fizz, Julie G Hot Cinnamon, and OPI Solitaire
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